My Writing


My writing projects:  Random Musings.  Mark BackwardsA Food Life, And Other Recipes.

I have mainly written lyrics and poetry/prose – a result of my musical interests. I have posted some of these already and will continue…  However I have attempted to start a couple of books in my life too.

Mark Backwards has been a project I’ve had for many years.  It’s the story of memories and musings of two adolescent boys on the cusp of their lives changing forever.  My fireside Chat post explains where I got the idea from.   I want the book to be thought provoking, humorous, poignant, sometimes harrowing but powerful & inspirational.

A Food Life And Other Recipes is an idea I had to write about my Dad’s Specialist Delicatessen business through the eyes of my childhood and into adolescence.  I want to convey all the trials and tribulations, the disasters and the awards of success my Dad experienced, as well as how it moulded my appreciation for rags to ‘comfortable’ (I wouldn’t say riches!) success and for international foods too.

I have also discovered different kinds of poetry ideas since I’ve been blogging.  Two styles I’d like to attempt are Erasure poetry and 7x7x7x7 poetry.

Erasure is where you take a body of writing, text etc… and pick out random words, muting the rest, and creating a poetic piece constructed from them using wordplay.

7x7x7x7 is where you take the seventh book from your bookcase, turn to the seventh page, go to the seventh line then write a seven line poem based on that line and what it evokes to you.

I guess this could be expanded by doing 3x3x3x3 or 5x5x5x5 or 9x9x9x9.


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