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My song ‘Broken’ by Romeo Larmond is available now:

Broken on Rippletunes

Broken on Amazon 

What I play, write, record, listen to and who I follow and admire:

Listening to the music around me wasn’t, in my mind, just entertainment as it was for others.  I felt compelled to think that I was able to access the music, think about it, wonder how it was put together.  More importantly I felt I could create music and write lyrics, although at that point I couldn’t play anything!  It seemed natural to me that I probably could and my Dad had an old nylon strung classical guitar hidden away in a cupboard.  I remember taking it out and strumming those strings – sounded awful! but I took it to school where one of our art teachers had expressed a desire to start a guitar club.  If I could only learn a few chords, I thought, I’d be on my way for sure.  The club was short-lived due to there only being 3 of us who actually turned up!  I did learn 3 chords though; Amaj, Emaj and Dmaj. That was it, I was off!  From that moment on I just had to learn all the chords – and I did!  Almost straight away, I kind of naturally put together chord sequences and attempted melodies lyrics to go with them.

So, weapon of choice became guitar; acoustic and electric, but as I immersed myself into the desire to layer my musical discoveries, the next instrument had to be bass.  I have to say this is the most important part of any recording – as Meghan Trainor quite rightly says ” It’s all about the bass”…and it is!  I love the bass and especially the fretless bass.  There are big differences in the types of bass you hear.  So to simplify this I’ll explain…

…bass guitar on most records are fretted bass and sound neat, rounded, sometimes percussive, timbrel and/or bright.  Fretless bass sounds mainly fluid, expressive, perhaps more musical.  The bass line seems to slip and slide and swell with the music – not just provide ‘the bottom end!’ If  I said ‘think Paul Young – where ever I lay my hat’  You’ll know exactly what I mean!

Pino Palladino is a respected and sought after bass player who initially played some really ground breaking fretless bass throughout the ’80’s.  Here he is talking about that famous bass line…

That’s fretless bass!

I also play a ukulele, tenor guitar, mandola and some piano.  Piano is something I really want to master but I only know a few chords.  Today it’s far too easy to use software to create piano parts and I although I do use these programmes, It does make you a little lazy!  (They are great tho!)


These are just some of my guitars.

I appreciate all kinds of music from pop, to rock, to jazz, to acoustic, to ambient, to classical and folk.  I listen to all kinds of music because I want to absorb all kinds of influences and not be too pigeonholed into a genre.  But I do have some musicians I am inclined to be slightly obsessive about. Neil Finn being one, as he is an amazing songwriter and guitarist. Pino Palladino, as he is an amazing bass player.  There are so many others, I couldn’t list them.  I guess I’m just proud to mention these two for now, that’s all!

Here is Romeo Larmond singing my song ‘Broken’ which is available now:

Broken on Rippletunes

Broken on Amazon 

I have some of my music examples/demos and ideas posted here:

Mike on Soundcloud

If you’d like to contact me – go ahead!


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