About Mike

An outlet to share my love of books, music, poetry, writing, musings, art, cinema, possibly a few challenges and the odd mention of coffee!

Hello!  I’m Mike.

I Live in the Lakedistrict (UK) which is a great backdrop for the things I like & love : Walks, Nature, Books, Art, Food and Music.  I like to write creatively – something I’ve done for a long time, starting with songs, then random prose and ideas for books – (still developing after 25 years!)
I am a songwriter, writer and musician.  Instruments I play include Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Fretted Bass, Fretless Bass, Ukulele, Mandola & Tenor Guitar. I use Ableton as my DAW (digital audio workstation).

This is a sample of one of my songs:  https://m.soundcloud.com/mike_turnbull

 Read My Music page to learn more.

I’d like to share my wordy, artistic and cultural writing & musings in my blogs and I’m relatively new to the blog thing.   I was determined to make a change for myself in 2015 and do more – be more creative and share it.

Thank You!



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