Music Serendipity…

A long time fan of Neil Finn, I sometimes find it hard to discover new music where I feel the same connection.  Recently, (and it’s probably because they’re from Canada that I haven’t come upon them before – can you believe that?!), I have found a new source of amazing song-writing in a similar vein to Neil Finn.

It is of course City & Colour ((Color), depending on which side of the pond you reside!).  Dallas Green’s song-writing, beautiful vocal and acoustic approach to his songs have me hooked!

I booked tickets to see Lucy Rose at Glasgow in February 2016 and she plays alongside City & Colour. Who are they? I thought.  Hence the connection and subsequent search for the identity of City & Colour.  It’s one of those serendipitous moments when you discover a great band you instantly know your gonna like… Like forever!  It’s going to be an awesome concert!

Here’s Dallas doing ‘Waiting’ an absolutely amazing, melodic track – the kind I wish I’d written!!! (godamit!)

City & Colour




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