You’re Safe Now.


I’m currently compiling a list of new song ideas to complete and record.  Over time, I collect loads of chord structure ideas, half finished songs, even just a chorus idea.  The hard part is the discipline needed to compile a ‘ready to record’ list, and harder still, to stick to it!

In preparation I tend to find other songs languishing on the hard-drive which I’ve recorded but neglected to mix and polish.  Perhaps because working along you can tend to get ‘track deaf’ – that is, the song becomes a stack of tracks which makes for a confusion of ‘what do I do with this lot’ kind of scenario.  It’s good step back and re-visit these situations and recently I did just that.

You’re Safe Now is one of those songs where I knew it was going to be a good track but I had loads of recorded parts and it was just a case of deciding what to keep and what to ditch, mix and process the good parts.

Hopefully that is what I achieved with this one!  Here it is (let me know what you think):


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