Book Review – The Forgotten Holocaust by Scott Mariani


The Forgotten Holocaust – Scott Mariani

I am a huge fan of this series of books by Scott Mariani.  Ben Hope has so much depth to his character and each book gives just a little more insight into his life.  The thinking man’s James Bond certainly always gets sucked into a new adventure despite always trying to retire from kidnap and ransom rescue, which ultimately reveals a deeper – and dangerous – mission for Ben.

This is the tenth book in the series where Ben once more attempts to get himself some ‘me’ time in a cottage in a quiet part of Ireland.  Only, a curious turn of events immerses him into an investigative situation of a historical nature.  This adventure takes him to Madeira and Tulsa where his mission collides with a parallel investigation by Erin.  Together they realise their situations are linked and the real adventure starts to begin.

I always enjoy these adventures and the end of each chapter wills you to always jump into the next.  And just like the way Scott’s chapters tempt you to keep reading, so do the last lines of the book – I’m already starting book 11 The Martyr’s Curse!

Check out Scott’s web site for the other ‘Ben Hope’ books and development of book No. 12


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