Over 2000 visits & a bit of a book update!

I just noticed that I have had over 2000 visits!  

I don’t think that’s so bad when I only started this page in January 2015.

Also, a quick update of a bookish nature…

I’ve just been travelling in Scotland and managed to pick up 3 new books – like I need them?! – I’m still plundering my ‘To Read Tower’ which actually doesn’t get any smaller due to additions, but stays the same size because I am managing to read stuff too!

So, the first book I found in an Isle of Skye book shop was The Tent, The Bucket & Me.

tent bucket me

A friend had mentioned this title to me only a week or two earlier and he said it was funny.  So I spotted it on a used, or pre-owned shelf for £2.00!  I remember camping with my family and also with the Scouts when I was younger so I just had to get it.

The next one was a bargain at 80 pence!  Terry Pratchett’s The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.


This was also on the used shelf but amazingly it hadn’t been read – Bargain!

The next book was a purposeful purchase following a visit to the Bright Water centre

http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/skye/brightwater  on Skye.  It’s a book by Richard Frere called Maxwell’s Ghost.

maxwells ghost

Anyone who’s followed me may know I’m a fan of Gavin Maxwell and the books (Ring Of Bright Water trilogy) he wrote about his life and keeping Otters, and other creatures on a remote site near to Skye called Sandaig.  This was back in the 60’s and sadly the cottage on the site is no longer there.  People may be familiar with the film (loosely based on the Ring Of Bright Water books) with Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers – 1969.  Richard’s book is an epilogue to Maxwell’s time at Camusfearna – the place he loved at Sandaig.

I visited the site and it’s truly peaceful and beautiful, set on a remote bay, a 40 minute walk via a forest track which winds its way down to reveal a magnificent scene of tranquillity.


The rewarding view from the end of the track.


Camusfearna – Maxwell’s cottage which is no longer there now due to a fire in 1968.


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