Bookish update…

Hello!  September already, autumn just around the corner – where has this year gone eh?!

I haven’t posted anything for a while but I blame the time of year, the summer – albeit a wettish one here in the UK – a few distractions here and there, a bit of travel (I’ll do a post on that) and general holiday stuff!  So anyway one of my last bookish posts was that I was reading To Kill A Mocking Bird.  I finished it a while ago and I did do a little review on Goodreads – just forgot to post it on WP!

So here it is plus an update on reading stuff…


I’m sure this is a literary classic and I know many who did the book in English literature at school. However, I did start to read the book open minded but half way in I began, reluctantly, to question what all the fuss has been about for 50 years. Yes, excellently written and it explores a culture in American history, but I personally found it hard going. I’m happy I’ve read it, I wouldn’t read it again and I wouldn’t jump to get “Watchman” – but in time I may do.

…yeah, I’m sorry to devotees of the book but as I say, I’m glad I’ve read it, and in the main it was a good read but it didn’t press my buttons too much.  I had intended to get ‘Go Set A Watchman’ but I’m going to hold off until I’m ready – I’ll be checking in with a friend of mine who is reading that one just now and see what she thinks of it.  I do have a load of books to get through as it is; more on that in the next post perhaps…

My current read is one of a series I’ve been following for a while, by Scott Mariani.  It features Ben Hope (check him out here) or Scott’s books here  who, despite trying to retire from kidnap and ransom recovery type jobs, always seems to be sucked into yet another high-octane, ‘Bond’ style adventure which takes Ben all over the world.  These stories are sOoo good! – they read like a movie.


Scott Mariani – The Forgotten Holocaust.

I’m about halfway through and it’s as good as ever – so much so that I’m holding back and restricting how many chapters I’m reading in one sitting… what can I say, I love these books – I’ll do a review when I’ve finished it. 😉  I am happy to learn that there is another in the series out now – The Martyr’s Curse (No.11 I believe!) and that there is another in the pipeline for Jan 2016 – The Cassandra Sanction. Yay! or ‘get in!’ as we say here.


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  1. Hi,
    For me with Harper Lee’s book it was the child and their interaction with the world. I understood the adult’s perspectives but the remarks of the child that ‘diluted’ the tension that made me become attached to the story. I admit it took me a few years to get to this point and I had to read (or watch the film) a few times as well. Thanks for letting me comment.

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