Humanity points scored in: Chick Rescue Operation.


Grey Wagtail chick.

I was in a building yesterday and I could hear what sounded like a squeak, almost like a random squeak of a wheel that needed oiling.  On closer inspection I came across a fledgling chick, just sitting on a balcony.  I could see the distinctive stub of a tail, like a Wagtail and then thinking of a pond nearby where I’d seen Grey Wagtails darting around, I deduced it was a Grey Wagtail chick.  It also had a little yellow on its downy feathers and a grey back so yeah, I was sure.

How did it get in here?!

Anyway, I knew I needed to release it outside, and I guessed the pond would be the best place. I carefully approached it with small box in hand but as predicted, it flew off the balcony and glided, unwieldly  to the floor.  I managed to scoop it up into the box and I took it out to the pond.  Fearful of rats or crows getting it, I perched the box in a safe place, but outside, it seemed so vulnerable.  I guessed that if it made that same squeak noise, the parent birds would find it but I couldn’t see them around anywhere.  Many anxious moments later I spotted the adult birds darting around, agitated, in the vicinity of the open box so I was relieved that the chick would be looked after until it was a little stronger to fly off on its own, phew!


Adult Grey Wagtail

Job done 

Humanity points scored 

Loads of good karma created!

(images from Google as I didn’t have a camera or phone at the time!)


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