To Read Tower – Update June 2015


My ‘To Read Tower’

So, here is my current ‘To Read Tower’ and as you can see it’s practically falling over!

They aren’t in a particular reading order (I gave that idea up a while ago!) as it doesn’t quite work out that way… The tower keeps growing but my reading time hasn’t increased either, so here’s a resume of what I have here now.

  • On the top is The Time Traveller’s Wife:  Someone has let me borrow this copy – I couldn’t say ‘no’ so took it to be polite but I’ve seen the film about 4 times and I’m curious about the book version.
  • The next 3 are by Jo Nesbo and I was given these on permanent loan!  I didn’t much about Nesbo (read a bit about him here) but they appear to be from a very good literary source.  That is, Scandi translated fiction!
  • Next is The Miniaturist, again this was given to me recently, permanent loan yet again, and I had seen it in Waterstones and on Amazon and mused over it so it should be interesting.
  • TKAM – To Kill A Mockingbird – I must get this read before Harper Lee brings her next, long awaited book out.  I ought to have read this in my youth at least, but never did – must do it this summer!
  • Next is One Hundred Years Of Solitude.  This was a recommendation as ‘a lifetime must read’ so I’m curious about this one.
  • The Goldfinch is below that and I’ve been meaning to ready myself in order to plough through this one.  I say that because others who have read it say it’s long, meandering – you get lost, confused, then it all comes together at the end – we’ll see!
  • Ah! The Forgotten Holocaust by one of my favourite authors Scott Mariani.  When I get to this one I’ll devour it and read it quickly, as I love this Ben Hope series of novels.
  • Next is The Small Hand – a ghost story – which I don’t usually read but as it’s by the author who gave us the Woman in Black it should be great.
  • Below that is A Short History Of Tractors in Ukrainian.  This has been around a while and is reported to be really funny, but I still haven’t got round to reading it – some day maybe!
  • Never Let Me Go is next and I think I found this somewhere outside?!  No one around at the time so I took it for safe keeping 😉  Anyway, I’ve seen the film with Keira Knightly, (not with Keira… but with Keira in the film..!) but this will be a good read I’m sure.
  • Mark Haddon’s A Spot Of Bother is next and after reading ‘…Dog in the Night-time’ I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one too.
  • And finally, at the bottom is Chocolat – again having seen the film ages ago, I’m sure this will read better than that.  As ever, I’ll need the time and perhaps the incentive to read it.

I’m glad they aren’t in ‘to read’ order, then again, because the tower is always there and it morphs – I can choose by mood, rather than by order.

Hope you like my round up – does anyone else have a leaning tower of groaning books waiting to be read?


3 thoughts on “To Read Tower – Update June 2015

  1. Yes! I have a basket full and an iPad wiht Kobo, Kindle and iBooks and I subscirbte to them, plus Bookbutb….
    Let’s see, you wanted details…
    Courage by Armstrong Perrry, The Secret TeenPoeer by Paul Harribgton, My Story by Her Royals Highness Elizabeth Widnsor – 1939 to name just a few…
    Can’t wait to get to them.
    Thanks for asking this question,


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