Nesbo Triple Gift.

3 books, one author – Jo Nesbo.

This week a friend of the family dropped off a carrier bag of used books.

The note said: ‘was going to throw these out.  Are they of any interest to you?  If not pass them back or give them away’

3 books by Jo Nesbo: The Redbreast,  Nemesis and The Devil’s Star.

devilsstar redbreast nemesis

Now, I must admit I haven’t come across Nesbo, but the books look good.  Intrigued, I turned a page for a bit of info on Nesbo and found that he is a musician, songwriter, economist and author from Norway.  So, from the get-go there are some great boxes ticked already in my head!

My first thought was Stieg Larssonesque maybe?!  Let’s face it, Scandinavian translated fiction seems to be a winner.  I’m also a fan of Nordic Noir TV & Film from Scandinavia so I am looking forward to reading these books when I get chance.

Before I do get the time to start reading them, I guess my question is, has anyone out there come across Jo Nesbo and what did you think of his books?


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