Lucy Rose

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Lucy Rose

Discovering new music and artists seems to nave become a slight obsession at the moment.  There are so many great new musicians and songwriters out there and it’s great to seem them actually getting there too.  It’s well deserved, as in the case if Lucy Rose.

From Surrey, England, Rose’s musical origins began with her playing drums in her school orchestra, her songwriting started writing tunes on her family home’s piano, she later bought a guitar from a shop she passed on the way to school, taught herself and began writing material at around the age of sixteen. Rose never played her material for anyone until she left home after completing her A-levels. At eighteen, she moved to London; but instead of taking her place at University to study geography, she began experimenting and performing with other musicians. It was at this time when she met Jack Steadman, the frontman of Bombay Bicycle Club (another great band!).

After becoming friends Steadman asked if she would like to perform vocals on a song he had written and was recording. The acoustic album Flaws came out with Steadman on lead vocals, and Rose performing backing vocals most notably on the title track “Flaws”, as well as others on the album.  She also performs some backing vocal duties on Bombay Bicycle Club’s third album, A Different Kind of Fix, and features in their fourth, So Long, See You Tomorrow. Rose also performs some backing vocal duties on the track This Sullen Welsh Heart by the Manic Street Preachers on their album Rewind the Film.

So, some great connections has lead her the right path indeed.  Her album ‘Like I used To’ is a breath of fresh air in the form of modern day produced acoustic chill out, amongst some really tight and funky beats thrown into the mix.  Lucy’s vocals are wonderfully whisper-like with and lovely tone – melodic and dreamy, I love this album.

used to

Lucy Rose ‘Like I Used To’

The new album ‘Work It Out’ is eagerly anticipated July 2015 and no doubt will see her reaching not only a wider audience but reaching for awards too.

lucyroseLucy Rose ‘Work It Out’

This song ‘Like an Arrow’ is from the new album and it gives you a taste of her talents as a songwriter.  The video is pretty cool too!

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