Seafret – Atlantis

An awesome duo from the North East of England – this is Seafret.

Atlantis is a great track and their acoustic based material sounds refreshing in todays overly pop sounding industry.

This is from their Bio (on their site).

They met at an open mic night…

Honest and captivating , Seafret’s material has a beautifully contagious feel. Writing about life as it evolves around them, the two have a rare observational eye – though young, the world is not going to pass them by.

Retaining their love of open mics, the duo appears determined to win over fans one step at a time. “You get up and if you win one person over, that’s one more person,” Jack explains. “It’s all part of it.”

“We never set out to just record one hit,” insists Harry. “That’s why we want something with more weight. People can get a grasp on what the band is about, rather than just one song.”

Ultimately, though, the duo are inspired by what they see around them – and what they miss most about being divorced from the North, in their new home of London. “It’s the sea. I miss the sea,” the guitarist says. “When you live there you take it for granted. I never missed it before. You don’t realise what it does to you when you’re there.”


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