Unlikely Surroundings and Bizarre Turns!

An evening with Rae Morris.

I don’t often get to go out much but sometimes I’m compelled to attend something I feel drawn to.

A new British singer songwriter Rae Morris was playing my home town Friday night and having heard of her recently, I felt I didn’t want to miss seeing her early on in her career, in a small venue.


Rae Morris http://www.raemorris.co.uk

The venue was our local library in Kendal, South Lake District, UK.  Library?! I hear you say.  Yes, that’s right a library – getting it loud!  We have an organisation called Loud In Libraries which is flying the flag for using libraries as arts venues.


This is such a great idea and many libraries have the capacity to host smallish gigs.  It’s great that an up and coming artist can play these intimate venues and really connect with their audience from the start.  Not to mention what a great back-drop they are for a playing a gig!

I’d decided to go to our local Pizza Express for something to eat before going, literally to the next building, to the gig.  As I waited for my lasagne, cradling my Peroni, I mused over the notion that Rae Morris might pop in for a quick bite before  the gig herself.  Hell no! why should she?  She’ll be at her hotel waiting her time with her band and crew, chilling out before heading to the library.


Kendal Library

Splutter! *embarrassing glances around me* OMG! (nearly choked on my Peroni) look who’s just come through the Pizza Express door! Rae flipping Morris that’s who!  Is that really her in a long padded coat, jeans and looking like a young woman looking for someone? Er, yes it is!

I couldn’t believe it, but I’d recognised her for sure.  She made her way to a long table with about 12 or more people at it, and I deduced that it was a table consisting of band, crew & family members.  How lovely, how refreshing that she could just wander in and join them.

As I left for the venue myself, I saw lots of hugs and presumably lots of wishes of good luck happening as the whole entourage started to make a move too.  As I looked back, heading down towards the high street, I saw Rae disappear around the corner, heading to the back entrance to the library – I was headed for the front.

The library was packed with standing people – I estimated about 200 – but I made my way near to the front for a good view.  The small stage set up in the corner comprising of pianos, synths, guitars, basses (and a big double bass) and a drum kit was incongruous to the familiar surrounding of my library.  But very exciting though.

Needless to say, Rae Morris was awesome as she blazed through her debut album and ‘chit – chatted’ to us all in between songs.  It was so amazing to get a great wall of sound making the legs of my jeans flap with the vibrations.  What a sound!


She played all the songs from her album ‘Unguarded’ including my two favourites, ‘Don’t Go’ and ‘Morne Fortune’.  The latter was awesome as I’d spotted the bass player pick up a fretless bass as they launched into the song.  Those expressive notes and that sound, made all my hairs stand up on end!

Amazing and unlikely surroundings and bizarre turns indeed.

#stoked! 😉


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