Love Again – Rae Morris

unguardedAt the moment I’m a big fan of new-comer Rae Morris.  Her album ‘Unguarded’ is amazing and when you consider she’s a 22-year-old songwriter, her songs are wonderfully mature, well written and recorded.  Vocally she sounds like a well-seasoned singer-songwriter, with smacks of Ellie Goulding, but with a lovely earthy richness.  Her voice sits beautifully with her suspension piano chords, giving Rae her own unique sound.  Hailing from Blackpool, UK, (not far from me!), she is beginning to gain popularity just now and I can see a massive future for her.

I love to see completely, raw, natural talent getting the support it deserves rather than record companies and so-called music moguls churning out manufactured c**p.

Rae Morris is a breath of fresh air.

Love Again is her debut single from the album and is certainly flying the flag for Rae’s song-writing, and her album.

Stand out tracks for me are:

Don’t Go


Morne Fortune

Under The Shadows


and… Love again…


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