April Reading – The Book Thief.

book thief

My April read is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

In my ‘To Read Tower’ post I have outlined the books I have piling up and thus creating a tower.  I like having ‘the tower’ around, just sitting there, as it reminds of the books I am longing to read.  They aren’t hidden on the bookshelf, they are sitting on a table which I pass everyday.  This keeps them in my mind for what I am to read next. However, as I mentioned in the book tower post, books get added, more than get taken out and read at the moment – but I’m getting better at saying ‘NO’ to my inner self when books ‘call’ to me in shops or more worryingly too conveniently, Amazon!

So The Book Thief is my next read and I’m really looking forward to this one.  A friend recommended it and has let me borrow it so I’m glad I’m starting it, as I don’t like to hang on to things which are not mine… I’ll get it back to her as soon as I can, and once I’ve read it, I’ll review it.


6 thoughts on “April Reading – The Book Thief.

  1. This will be a book to alter the way you keep your books. I now have a forever shelf ,a swapping (with sisters) shelf, a to read shelf as well as, a need to use one for reference books. The book thief is a wondrously forever book. Enjoy.


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