Amazing Bass! – Whistle Down The Wind.

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Nick Heyward

This time, I’m looking at (or back, in terms of this bass inspired theme) songwriter Nick Heyward.  Originally known for the early eighties band Haircut 100 (I always hated that name), he branched out very early on his own as a solo singer/songwriter.  I’m glad he did, as I remember liking the songs from his North of a Miracle album and then later, when I got the album,  loving them! The songs were, and still are an inspiration to me.  For his debut solo album, it was produced quite lavishly for the time, with horn sections, strings and he had some amazing session musicians to ensure the album became the classic that it is.

nick album

North of a Miracle

(Producer Geoff Emerick 1983)

(Songs include: Blue Hat For A Blue Day, Take That Situation, When It Started To Begin, On A Sunday)

In terms of my Amazing Bass! theme, the bass player on many of the tracks was none other than my favourite bassist Pino Palladino.  Those who have seen my other AB! series will know that he is an amazing session bass player who specialised in the fretless bass early on in his career and was sought after by literally everyone in the industry due to his wonderful, expressive playing and sound.  Notably, his sound defined a lot of ‘artists’ sounds’ of the eighties & nineties.

I’ve chosen Whistle Down The Wind from this album as it really shows how expressive the fretless bass sound can be when it is absolutely vital to the song and sound of the mix.  It shows off some great fretless skills like sliding harmonics (intro), lovely held notes, slides and melody.

I hope you enjoy it!


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