A Shore Thing!

shore thing2

Ok, so the other day it was nice and sunny, (the first sun for a while and the promise of some much-needed vitamin D and March warmth). I decided to take a break from everything and head to one of my favourite walks/hikes.  ‘The dogs’ll love it’ I said to myself and off I went.  Please join me in this pictorial walk through!


The locals seemed a little hostile – take a wide berth, best avoid!


Walking down to the access point to the bay at the start of the walk, I was happy I hadn’t taken the car this far – just look at those extortionate parking fees – sheesh!


A bit of a worry when we got there though – the seaside town opposite seems to have slipped into the bay!

beach venue

A little further and we stumble upon a kind of natural amphitheatre.  Actually, in my youth, my band dragged/hauled some gear to this spot one summer evening.  We set it all up on the rocks, lit a fire (the one in the foreground) and had a merry old-time playing our songs with friends and ‘chillin’ out man!’


Onwards, and the bay opens out… like this.


The tide has been out a while, and the sun beating down has left it looking like this!

dogs running

Perfect for the guys to have a mad half hour, ramming around…like this!


Until Pip looks like this…


And Teko looks like this!


Oh, and what is it with kids and water huh?!


Ah! the secret path leading to the cliffs!


And…the secret path on the cliffs!


Revealing scenes a bit like this!


A little more scenic distance bring us out to this wonderful cove.  To my left, amongst the trees, two Goldfinches danced and darted around the branches – they were too quick so I gave up on the ‘photo op’.


Look! a fossil! (…I know a few of these back home! ;))


Time for a quick snack!  These two were not amused as I tucked into a muesli bar.  No, I didn’t share it with them, hence the glum faces!  (They did get a dog biscuit each though!)

shore thing

A short detour through a static caravan and chalet park to get on track for the car – what a great name for this chalet by the sea!


 A little further and I chanced upon some more inhabitants.  These guys seemed a little less hostile!


Back through a peaceful woodland and to the car – (I hope it’s still there?!)


Teko!  Look at the state of you!  You are not getting into my car!!!

Thank you for coming with me, I hope you enjoyed it!

Do you have a favourite walk/hike?  …and can I come with you sometime?!



2 thoughts on “A Shore Thing!

    • It’s a great hike. It’s a walk along an estuary at a place called Arnside by Morecambe bay in the northwest of the UK. About 20 minutes drive from my home town. The seaside town opposite is Grange over Sands (in the pic). There are some great walks in this area which take in woodlands, beaches, cliffs, pebble beaches, marshlands and meadows, all in one hike!


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