9x9x9x9 Poem!

Taking the ninth book from your bookshelf, opening up at the ninth page, selecting the first sentence from the ninth line and creating a Nine line poem from whatever the sentence suggests & inspires you to do.

(I recently did this as a 7x7x7x7 poem)


This time it’s 9x9x9x9 and my ninth book on the shelf is Atlantis by David Gibbins. (click the link for more info on this book)


On page 9 the sentence on the ninth line is:

‘His dripping shape was quickly surrounded by other members of the team who had been waiting on the diving platform.’

Tiny bubbles in my blood

Resist the pressure – if only I could

A curtain of silt and my hand moves so slow

Touching the past, re-connecting through stone

The glint of gold, untarnished by time

It cries ‘leave me alone’ – it is not mine!

Chambers & tombs and an eerie world

Illuminating glow, reveals a girl

Ethereal beauty, encrusted with pearls.

Challenge – why not give it a go?!

See what you come up with.


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