Ancient Astronaut.


I read an interesting article on the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull.  A small skull, seemingly constructed from a (unique) crystal compound.  The remarkable evidence surrounding its origin and subsequent years of testing and analysis is a very confusing story.  (There is a link further on in this post.)

Undoubtedly, the Hedges skull was the inspiration for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and there seems to be plenty of literature and of course art and artefacts, suggesting the possibility of Ancient Astronauts.

I read a book a few years ago called God’s of the New Millennium. It was given to me by a friend who was obsessed with the idea of Ancient Astro’s. First published in 1997, it suggests the comprehensive and irrefutable proof of the flesh-and-blood gods who created us genetically in their own image. This interventionist solution identifies them as the builders of the Pyramids, Sphinx and other ancient sites. Up-to-date evidence is that the gods were real and came from within the Solar System.

Well, I guess it remains an open question and whether you are a believer or not on this fascinating subject, it’s very interesting and makes one’s mind explode with theoretical notions of our ancient past.  Just take for instance some of the structures in South America.  Modern builders and architects have struggled to identify some of the technologies which produced very precise and incredibly accurate block work.  Blocks which had been moved from a completely different valley! There’s also evidence of what have been described as ‘landing platforms’ which over time, have been swallowed by the sea.  These are again, unfeasibly precise and flat and with evidence of scorch marks.

So, lost and forgotten skills and technologies, or something else?! I guess this post could reach thousands of words if I tried to even touch the tip of this very huge iceberg!

Anyway, regarding the Mitchell Hedges story,  I suggest hitting this link and having a read of the article.

Also  check out Amazon for the ‘Gods of the New Millennium‘ book and read the reviews. What do you think?

And finally, why not check out the ‘Indiana Jones ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull‘ movie for a bit of light relief! (Let’s face it, apart from the effects and CGI stuff, the film isn’t the best of the series!  (I prefer ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’)

Meanwhile, I have a draft song idea I wrote a while back called ‘Ancient Astronaut’ and I do (or did) have an acoustic demo somewhere?! But for now, here are those lyrics:

‘Ancient Astronaut’

See the mystery unfold

Unwrapped between the rocks and stones

Laser light fills the sky

Keep us safe before it dies

Set it down, set it down

Touch the ground, touch the ground

Put it down, put it down

Scorch the ground, scorch the ground

He’s returned, he’s returned

Build the world, build the world

Feel the change, feel the burn

Feel the pain, make the turn

Find your platform beneath the waves

A thirsty ocean, and the land she claims

Ancient Astronaut is here

Ancient Astronaut is me.


And just to finish off here is a great song from Neil Finn called ‘Astro’


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