‘Spesh For England’

 ‘Spesh’ – An English slang word for ‘special’ (A bit of trivia – John Lennon sometimes used this word)


David Hockney’s Garrowby Hill 1998 (source: Google Images)

Garrowby Hill – Yorkshire, England.

Whilst out and about I have noticed that buds are forming in the hedgerows, wild spring flowers are daring to show their faces and I’ve even seen some blossom!  It won’t be long until summer colours the landscape… like a Hockney!

Albeit we are obsessed by the seasons, (and us Brits – the weather too!), here is my ode to England.

 Spesh for England.

Lemon tea, trips to the sea, summer haze, lazy days

Rolling fields, time to kill, streets of sound, northern towns

Sacred soil, a place to call, a white stone horse, never ran (of course)

Croquet lawns, Sunday morn’s, daffodils,  hosting hills

…all ‘Spesh for England’

And, as we Brits are obsessed with the weather, it seems appropriate to have a song about it.  So here is Crowded House’s ‘Weather With You’

(I know – they were/are an Australian/New Zealand band…but the connection is there…somewhere!  😉 )


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