There’s a fire! You’ve got 60 seconds to save just 5 books..!

books fire

…Still here?!

Ok, just quickly – there is a fire and you are allowed go back in to grab/save only 5 books of your choice.

Bear in mind you’ve only got 60 seconds so quickly peruse your bookshelves and acting on instinct and impulse, don’t think too hard, take out 5 books you want to save (I know, it’s so hard!!!). Once safe, and you’ve had a cup of tea – for the shock – post your photo’s and tell us why you chose them.

Ok, Go!

I saved these 5 almost at random but like I say, with an impulsive, yet instinctive mind:

1. My Tate Gallery book of Salvador Dali which I’ve had since I was 16 or 17.  I bought this in London at the Tate Modern. Dali’s paintings & images were mesmerising when I saw them up close and they have always been amazing to me – although my photo’s here are most certainly not!


dali 3dali 1


2. My Guitar Handbook which I’ve also had for a long time, probably since about age15 but it was always my constant companion when I was learning guitar, especially for the chords!  I still refer to it now after many years – you never stop learning!

guitar bookchords


3. My copy of I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith.  I felt I wanted to save a ‘classic’ so I chose this one.  I’ve heard so much about it recently from various people around me. They say it’s a beautiful and uplifting story of first love, self discovery and family relationships – I haven’t read it yet, but is my next read! Hence that’s why I thought it was worth grabbing it to save it.


4. The first Harry Potter book – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  I guess you could call this a ‘classic’ – a modern classic – but never the less, it was worth saving J K Rowling’s first ‘Harry’ adventure.  It sets the stall out for an amazing series of books which are a masterpiece in modern literature.

harry P

5. My 1960 hardback of Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell.  Simply because this story, Scotland, the film, the real location (Sandaig), Otters, wildlife and Maxwell’s beautiful writing seem to have always been with me throughout my life.  It’s actually my first, impulse ‘grab’ from the ‘fire’ – no hesitation!



How did you get on with this challenge?

Did you save yours?

 Which 5 books did you grab and why?


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