7th Book, 7th Page, 7th Line, 7 Line Poem.

7x7x7x7 Poem – that’s the brief! 


I heard about this approach to poetry recently and I’ve been itching to have a go!

That is to say, select the seventh book on your bookshelf, open it at the seventh page, select the seventh line on the page and then write a seven line poem or piece of prose about what that line conjures up in your mind.

I just happened to reach for my ‘Scott Mariani’ collection of ‘Ben Hope’ Novels and it just so happened that the seventh book is ‘The Sacred Sword’


I turned to page seven and my eyes ran down the page to the seventh line.


It reads:

“Terrified to go any faster, Fabrice clenched the steering wheel tightly and willed the night to clear.”

(Luckily, a great line!)

So, here is my seven line poem:

Smoke-like fog, “It’ll never clear!”

 Was the shout in my head above the over-steer.

 The wrap-around inky night-time clamps its hands across my eyes.

And the speed, the speed, THE SPEED – its enough to make me cry.

A white-knuckle nightmare, and seemingly no escape.

The shiny metal box, with wheels, it just wont wait.

“Fabrice, Fabrice, Fabrice – HIT THE BREAKS!



5 thoughts on “7th Book, 7th Page, 7th Line, 7 Line Poem.

  1. This is a great trick, except that my apartment is crowded with books. I’ve got small constellations of them around, like a vintage book store, except, they’re not vintage. I’ve literally got piles. Which pile, do I choose and in which room? Luckily, I’m not a poet, so I won’t have to worry about finding ideas. There’s a pile in front of me, and I think if I chose the 7th book, I might actually end up with something about Republican party politics in the United States. The resulting poem would be just the thing to get me on a watchlist.


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