Quadrivium Quotations!


Ok, so… four words, one sentence.  Fit them all into one interesting sentence…

1. Party Favour – a small gift given to a guest at a party as a souvenir.

2. Chatoyant – having a changeable lustre or colour with an undulating narrow band of white light.

3. Parastatal – a company or agency owned wholly or partly by the government or relating to such organization.

4. Switcheroo – an unexpected or sudden change or reversal in attitude, character, position, action etc…

Here’s mine: (take a deep breath!)

“The beam of the torch illuminated the pitch blackness, revealing a piercing chatoyant pair of eyes containing magical properties, suspended, entering my own eyes like a party favour, as a conspiracy, of some parastatal entity and revealing the switcheroo as I stood, torch in hand, in front of the mirror!”


Now, you try… 🙂



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