My ‘To Read Tower’ – post a photo!


This is my ‘To Read Tower’ (…ever growing!!!) We’ve all got one of these right?! Why not post a photo of yours too?

Welcome to the 1st of March! Yay we made it – soon, spring will be here!

Recently, during a February bookish photo a day challenge by Bluebookbelle (A World Of Randomness), the process of choosing from the daily themes made me look at my book collection closely as I had to think of an appropriate book for each challenge.  I noticed that I had re-discovered some books I had never read along with realising the ones I had, were very diverse; some worth re-reading for sure!

 I’ve noticed that so many of us seem to have gathered a plethora of unread books.  In my case it seems to have become a ‘tower’ – I’m guessing I am not alone right?! and there is a story behind each book which makes up my tower.  They are shown in the intended reading order – although that may change!

1. I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith – This a recommendation by Bluebookbelle as it was mentioned a number of times in her blogs.  Intrigued, I bought it and is my next read.

2. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – This is a borrowed book from a colleague who thrust it in my hand and said don’t watch the film – read the book first!

3. Somewhere In Time by Richard Matheson – I had a phrase in my head ‘Bid Time Return’ as I was writing a song.  having looked the phrase up it led me to a film from around 1980 called ‘Somewhere In Time’ and I also realised that came from the book by Richard Matheson.  I finished the music but I only had part of the chorus lyric, so I bought the book to inspire me to write the verses.  Need time to read it though!

4. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee – Most people I know have read this or did it at school as part of their English studies but for some reason it by-passed me.  Now Harper Lee is writing again, it has prompted me to buy this classic and read it.  I must watch the film too!

5. A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka – This is book which has been sat on the book shelf, having been bought with a few other books, but for some reason I never read it.  Hence it’s in the pile!

6. A Spot Of Bother by Mark Haddon – Again this is one I’ve had around for a while, but never got around to reading it.  I bought it after I had read his amazing book ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ and only re-discovered it during the Feb challenge!

7. Selected Poems by Simon Armitage – I watched something on TV where poet Simon Armitatge had written poems carved on stones (‘Stanza Stones’) along a trail of the Pennine region of the UK.  Intrigued, I bought this book as an introduction to his poetry.

8. Horses Neck by Pete Townshend – This is a re-read for me.  I first read it years ago and found it compelling.  He’s one of my influences as a songwriter, not particularly with The Who, but as a musician/songwriter in his own rite . A series of short fictions, prose and verse (1985) from a spokesman of a generation, this book is an insight into the mind of one of the Uk’s leading lights of the music world.


Post a photo of your ‘To Read Tower of Books’ and tell us all about it.

Maybe there is story behind each one?

Which ones were given to you, borrowed, bought in haste, a recommendation, an impulse buy, or simply a re-read you’d always promised yourself?


7 thoughts on “My ‘To Read Tower’ – post a photo!

  1. Ha! I read all of these and probably my favourite was the Book Thief!
    Right now my bedside table is full school books (boring, I know!), crime books where I don’t have to think too much and a couple of books about running…

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