Chandelier Ballroom.

I remember watching a documentary on the Lechuguilla Cave system in New Mexico.  It was Nick-named the chandelier ballroom, or at least the spectacular room they chanced upon was so named because of the cavernous space they found, with stalactites (from the ceiling) and stalagmites (from the ground) providing the appearance of an amazing chandelier(d) room.


The cave is named for Algave Lechuguilla, a species of plant found near its entrance. 


I wrote some lyrics to a song which only ever appeared as a demo (probably because the subject matter wasn’t deemed as potentially popular but rather esoteric) but I liked the lyric, so here is an excerpt dedicated to that incredible ‘room’…

Chandelier Ballroom

Secrets languish below

Time locked, few will ever go

Always, it will be there

With shining promises

Unsafe descent

To capture your magic my friend

Crawl through this darkened lagoon

To find your unspectacular room

Chandelier Ballroom days – I remember it

The light on your face, dancing always

Chandelier Ballroom days – it’s magnificent – the light on your face

Dancing slow.



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