What’s your greatest ‘unfinished’ (or ‘not-quite-begun’) project(s)?


These days, life seems so fast paced, full of demands on our time and annoyingly suggestive of expectations.  We all have such good intentions to start new projects, finish an already started project, research ideas for other projects and put loads of ideas into practical and/or creative action.

Time constraints, responsibilities and distractions so often arrest creative progress.  You know how it is, like reading this blog for example, surfing the net for hours – for nothing in particular (we all do that right?!), noodling around on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest! – Recognise yourself here?!

I, like everyone else, have a need and desire to chase all these things throughout the day and still have the basic need of having to think of everyday jobs, chores, meals, pets etc… so when, oh when do I get the chance (I ask myself), to fit in those inherent desires, bursts of creativity and most of all, quality TIME for myself?

For me the problem is getting time in the studio mainly, but I’ve loads of unfinished projects too:

I have a huge old pine blanket box which needs stripping and something creative done to it.

I have lounge in which I’ve promised one wall that I will cover it in ‘vintage books on bookshelves’ wall paper.  (That might have to wait – the wall has now fallen out with me!)

I have a garden which needs some major green finger intervention.

I have a book to write (a long term project I think!)

I have an old piano which I’d promised myself, I would attempt to strip, fix and re-tune myself!

So, with dwindling time and yet another year which is doomed to go so quickly, it’ll be 2016 if I blink, I’ll  just have to say, “sod it”, make good cup of coffee, grab a book, a note pad, put my feet up – and think of some blog ideas instead!

How about you? What’s your greatest ‘unfinished’ (or ‘not-quite-begun’) project(s)?


4 thoughts on “What’s your greatest ‘unfinished’ (or ‘not-quite-begun’) project(s)?

  1. Lots of stuff to do then! I love the wallpaper idea, I wish I could do that but it’ll have to wait until I get my own place! And the writing a book…. I would love to do that too but it’s finding the inspiration!


    • Yeah I keep seeing the wallpaper idea and really want to do it – (time tho!) My book idea ‘Mark Backwards’ (see my fireside chat blog) has been a seed I planted a long time ago and really want to delvelope that too! Argh! 😉


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