Bookish Photo A Day Challenge – February 2015: 14. Romance.

In response to Bluebookbelle’s Bookish Photo A Day Challenge – February 2015 #AWORphotoaday

Mmm… struggled with this one but I guess it had to be an unlikely romance with two very opposite people.

I’ve chosen Eddie Chase & Nina Wilde from Andy McDermott’s series of books.

eddie & nina1

I have mentioned these two characters in a previous post BOOKSHELF where I explain a shelf dedicated to these adventure novels.  (along with Scott Mariani’s similar series of novels)

Eddie  (ex SAS) is a lovable rogue, from Yorkshire, England and has a very dry sense of humour.  He can’t resist winding the studious, bookish, archaeologically professional, New York based red-head, Nina, up to distraction. There are the inevitable one liners from Eddie which are akin to the dry quips you would expect from James Bond, usually in the most sticky of situations.  Nina despairs but the two of them begin to work well together as they unravel their current mystery – usually pursued by billionaire villains in the process.  Their adventures are fast paced and very entertaining.  McDermott’s writing style is very fluid and image provoking – the books are like ‘reading a film’ and they are page turners for sure.

Eddie & Nina soon learn that their chemistry on the case, is just as potent off the case!


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