Bookish Photo A Day Challenge – February 2015: 7. Bookshelf.

In response to Bluebookbelle’s Bookish Photo A Day Challenge – February 2015 #AWORphotoaday

My bookshelf.


Well… one of my book shelves.

These are my series of Scott Mariani and Andy McDermott novels. I love these adventure novels which are pretty similar in that the protagonists share the same background.

Ben Hope, in Scott Mariani’ s books, is ex SAS and is officially retired. His raison d`etre was to help kidnap and ransom victims, where he could never turn a job down where a child was concerned. His connections are mainly Ireland, Oxford and Northern France. The stories usually start in the UK which is refreshing. The books, of which there are 10 (I’ve got 9 – number 10 is on my list to read) are such a good read where we get to know Ben, his background, vices, demons, frustrations, his love of jazz, whiskey, gauloises and his battered old leather jacket. As a highly trained, mentally sharp ex military man, we also get to learn how sensitive yet stubborn and surprisingly religious he is. When he inevitability, and reluctantly accepts, or stumbles into a new mission, we get to travel around European cities (mainly, it seems), with Ben as each adventure unfolds.

In Andy McDermott’s books (again,10 books, but I’ve got 9 so far), the hero is a very down to earth Eddie Chase from Yorkshire. He has the same background as Ben Hope, but in these adventures, he pairs up with New Yorker Nina Wilde. She is a stunning red head who is a genius at maths and has a passion for archaeology. The two of them are thrown together in a series of adventures where Nina is usually head hunted to investigate an archaeological mystery and Eddie becomes the hired protector and consultant of all things logistical. They couldn’t be any different and their relationship unfolds, just as their adventures do. Eddie’s very British and in particular, dry Yorkshire humour, provides plenty of laugh aloud moments amongst the sometimes high octane missions all over the world.

Both authors are deserving of their place on one of my shelves!


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