Blue Light


Blue Light

I’ve got to say, I have become addicted to the blog thing.

In association, Twitter too, along with surfing for inspiration, ideas and further information to feed the blog thing!

The result seems to be causing my brain to by-pass its auto switch-off mode at bed-time.  The other night I could swear I didn’t sleep a wink.  My head was spinning with too much information and blue light!

A bit like watching Avatar on repeat! …All night!

The plethora of electronic devices in use today, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers, has drastically increased our exposure to blue light.

I am learning to manage my time at screens, tablets and phones which is hard at the moment! It is a way of life for us all now.  Not a future way of life – it’s now, it’s happening.  We are absorbing “future shock” very well because of our need for knowledge and information and, it really is literally at our fingertips.

I don’t suggest we stop. Merely begin to manage it so we can enjoy the journey without the potential health risks if we don’t.

My first tip – dim all your devices & screen(s)!


3 thoughts on “Blue Light

  1. I, too, have become addicted to the whole blog thing and I have gone several nights with little to no sleep just because I have so many ideas I want to explore. I’d suggest we chat were it not for the fact we are an ocean apart and on different time zones! Wouldn’t do either of us any good!


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