Exotic Words (C)


[kuhprishuh s, –pree-shuh s]

1590s, from French capricieux “whimsical” (16c.), from Italian capriccioso, from capriccio.

Related: Capriciously ; capriciousness.

“the capricious workings of fate”

It just sounds great doesn’t it? – kuhprishuh s. *hears everyone saying it over & over right now!* 

…Changeable, erratic, fanciful, fickle, fleeting, random, sporadic, rambling, chancy, eccentric, irregular, impulsive, variable…

I believe that to be great, creative bloggers, we are all, (in varying degrees), capricious in nature.  😉


2 thoughts on “Exotic Words (C)

  1. Splendid choice, my fellow word (and art/music/book) enthusiast. I’ve done a couple more additions to my list, though they aren’t as pretty as yours. Discernment was my most recent addition to the list.


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