February Reading

At last, February is here.  I always think January and February take such a long time to go by.  The winter can be so refreshing at first – the crisp, cool air is invigorating, but only up until the end of December!

I’ve posted a January read (The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly) and I mentioned my Blue Monday reading, in a comment to a fellow blogger, as being Ring Of Bright Water.  These books have kept me, kind of sane, through the long, dark days of January and I’m looking forward to a new read.

I was in a book shop last weekend and was drawn to a particular cover. (I know, I know, not always the best idea!), but it was a book I promised myself I would read because I remember all the spin, subterfuge and premature reveal of its author.

Well, I guess Robert Gilbraith could have been a give away within the Lit world but then the leak provided both spoiler and excitement in equal measures.


The Cookoo`s Calling is my chosen February read.  I haven’t read anything from J.K Rowling since the Harry Potter epic tale and that was while ago now…

So I’m looking forward to it, but never fear, I will be sure to keep an open mind… : )


4 thoughts on “February Reading

  1. Haha! I was trying to read this post but kept getting distracted by the beautiful cover art. When I finally did read the entire post, I had to laugh when I came to your comment about the cover. I’m a visual person as well and I am guilty of picking up a book because of the cover art. It seems I am drawn to particular books at very specific times. I like to go into a bookstore and let the books “choose” me, if you know what I mean. I never leave a bookstore empty-handed or dissatisfied in any way. Nice post. 🙂


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