Just Like Buses!

It’s always the way – nothing happens for a while, and then it all comes at once – just like buses!

Things had been a bit slow with my music projects, and it’s the start of the year so in my wisdom I decided to dismantle the studio to have shift round, re-vamp, re-jig (or clean in reality).  To be fair, it had become a dumping ground and so much so that I’m not even issuing a photo of the mayhem!

So – cables unplugged and coiled beautifully, hardware equipment dismantled, guitars, basses et al bagged up safely and exiled to a spare room – all is well for the clear out, right?  wrong!

My producer friend in North London needs a couple of song ideas (like yesterday!) for a boy band he’s working with.  Ok, not so much of a problem – ordinarily.  I’ve got loads of ideas, half-finished tunes and lyrical snippets I can present.  Problem – studio in bits! Aargh!

Goddamnit.  And he wants a rap idea.  Rap idea?!  Rap to me is like punk rock would be to Mozart!  (Well, not quite). And luckily, it’s just the melodic chorus bit he wants. I might just be able to do that – Phew!  …talk about buses!

Weekend job: re-build studio asap!


2 thoughts on “Just Like Buses!

  1. …I have determined that it’s just best to leave my studio in disarray most of the time. 1.) The creative chaos seems to help me flourish, 2.) The moment I clean it up and make it all tidy and neat, I lose my mojo and C.) Nobody trusts a tidy artist just like nobody trusts a skinny chef. (That is tongue in cheek, of course, I would totally trust a skinny chef and I’m not always untidy.. I just sometimes leave a work-in-progress in-progress while I start another project [or two… or three]).


    Congratulations on the potential big gig!


    • Thanks ATG, Lol, yes I usually leave creative chaos in control – it works for me too! I think to be creative you need a butterfly mind. I have loads of work – in progress – in progress… It’s good to have a good ‘sort out’ now and again though – I’ve found projects I’d forgotten, so that’s a bonus!

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