Exotic Words (A)


I’d like to post a series of what I’ll call ‘exotic words’ (or words which we use or don’t use much these days, or words we read that we find almost out-dated, but interesting. (probably one a week or randomly/daily).

Let’s start with A.  Adamant  [aduh-muh nt, -mant]

Meaning or common uses: Utterly unyielding in attitude or opinion in spite of all appeals, urgings, etc.

Not Adamant

Adam Ant

Not to be confused with Adam Ant of course.

 Although, in the 80’s, if you used such a phrase with adamant in it, you may well have had some idiot wailing ‘Prince Charming’, ‘Prince Charming’ in your face!

We tend to be more specific these days and quantify our unyielding tendencies with dramatics and a number.  ” No way Jose, not doing that, 100%”

Some common uses may be:

The officer was adamant that the light was red before I went through it.

Others remain adamant that the overall implications of warming will be a detriment to the globe.

…and my favourite,

In short, he is a Goth, which explains his adamant objection to summer.

Ok, so here’s the science bit.  Originally adamant was a noun from the Greek ‘a (not) + damao (to tame)’.  It meant anything hard like Steel or a very hard stone – unbreakable.  Nowadays it’s an adjective meaning stubborn, determined, relentless or inflexible.

We might not use the word too much these days, but we are capable of displaying its definitions sometimes… right?!

“Stand and deliver…woah…”  untitled



7 thoughts on “Exotic Words (A)

  1. I must say, this post is quite clever. However, while I quite appreciate the concept of your “exotic words” list, I am surprised to see “adamant” is the first word you selected. Maybe some would consider me to be “old fashioned” but I use the word adamant on a regular basis (almost daily, in fact). Thus, I am adamant in my denial of being outdated with my verbiage.
    What about apperceptive? http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/apperceptive



  2. Hi ATG, Cool, I appreciate your comment, thank you. Fair point – it’s not out dated and does get used, you’re right. I guess the idea was mainly that words sometimes have exotic origins, rather than being exotic. In today’s modern speak we so often hear people being definite, assertive, or the opposite – really polite when being `Adamant` or immovable. I also wanted to inject a touch of humour so it didn’t get too serious. I hope that came across? I crave your apperception in return. ; )

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  3. Haha! Your humor certainly came across and my apologies for failing to mention the fact that your post made me laugh. The humor is really more thought-provoking than today’s “exotic word”, in my humble opinion. As far as my apperception is concerned, manner of speaking (which to me includes tone, sentence structure, elocution, facetious banter, etc.) supersedes vocabulary. I would rather use words and terminology that effectively and succinctly get a point across than words that are overly complicated just for the sake of being overly complicated. Even a word like “obsequious” is borderline for me. Your list, however, is a good thing so please do not misinterpret my commenting for criticism, for it is not intended to be. I like your list. I’m a girl that used to take a journal to a bar while waiting for my perpetually late friend to arrive and carry a pocket dictionary in her purse, highlighting new words along the way. Yep, that’s me. I’m a bit of a nerd. I’m following you to see what you come up with. No pressure. Maybe I’ll start a rival list or something just for kicks and grins. 🙂

    I also have an abnormal fascination with researching pretty much everything that interests me with a ridiculous amount of determination and fervor. If you are interested, here are some lists of interesting words compiled by other like-minded individuals. Happy researching! 😉



    • Crikey ATG, what a great reply! I totally agree and I would say we are pretty similar – us nerds need to stick together, stand up and be counted, right?! After all, it’s the nerds and geeks who will inherit the earth! (Or is that the meek?). Anyway… your fascination with avidly researching interesting things is a familiar one. Some people call me obsessive though! Hey, thanks for the links, I’ll certainly take a look and it may take the pressure off when looking for the next word. Although, if you start a list it, may get competitive… could be a good thing?! : )

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  4. Yes, I absolutely believe we nerds should stick together! Although I’m not typically an overly (or overtly) competitive person, I do believe some degree of competition would be a motivating factor in getting me to blog every day. Like you, I’ve only just begun this little blog adventure and I can use all the motivation I can get to make daily improvements. I can sometimes get a bit stuck on the technical details of what I’m writing and forget to have fun with it. So, that said, I suppose I shall have to begin my own word list and we’ll just have to see what happens! I’m glad I caught you at the beginning of your list. It’ll be a pretty even playing field although it appears as though I shouldn’t have revealed to you my sources so early on in the game. 😉


  5. Reblogged this on Art Therapy Girl and commented:
    Okay, MIKEYTBULL, here we go! Thanks for the inspiration to add a bit of spice to my blog. I tend to get a bit stuck on the mundane details of writing and I overthink. This little word list competition will be a welcome distraction from my obsession with getting every single post perfected prior to publication. When I find myself ruminating over a specific topic for a post or when I just can’t find the words, I will be able to set aside some time to just have fun with my word list. Nothing like a bit of good, friendly competition to spark some interest in something new. Now, let’s have some fun! 🙂


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