Fireside Chat

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.”

coffee ring 1

A long time ago I had this experience exactly.  Well not quite,  it was someone I kind of knew – but not very well.

At 17 I had a part-time job waiting on and washing up at a guest house.  The other ‘newbie’ in the job was a school acquaintance.  He was someone I simply didn’t know at all – we were chalk and cheese!

After that first night he gave me a lift back to my parent’s house and he came in for a coffee.  we sat by the fireside and began to chat.  I only knew him as Kram.  His name was actually Mark but his school nick name was Kram – being Mark backwards.

Over those late summer months, we formed a real bond, chatting by the fireside at the end of our shift.  I found out so much about his life, where he came from, his family, his passions & aspirations.  I didn’t mind at all that he did all the talking, as it was worth all the fascination to learn about this boy who I’d been through school with but never knew – was never going to know.  A short life story maybe! but fate had brought us together, and as the summer faded, our lives changed course and we simply faded too.  Our fireside chats, no more, but those adolescent memories of coffee rings, fireside laughter and learning, linger on today.

This experience prompted the start of a book, which I am trying to re-visit, entitled ‘Mark Backwards’.  One day, hopefully, I’ll complete it and share those musings.



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