Hello!  (my first blog/musings – please be gentle!)

Resolution Line breaks: reso|lution NOUN A firm decision to do or not to do something: a New Year’s resolution.

Well, I guess I made through Blue Monday – just! Although, sometimes the blue feeling creeps back in, like the hypnotic 12″ version of New Order, fading in and out. Hopefully fading, fading, fading, to a gentle hum, then a clarity of silence.

It struck me that emerging from the celebrations of the season, (I’m not saying the C*******s word until this December at the earliest!), and New Year, is it our obsession with resolutions, in some way, to blame for our blue feelings? Have we subconsciously raised some crazy, un achievable expectations, which eat away at us as we reluctantly drag ourselves into January?  Knowing fine well we will forget what we’ve promised ourselves and failing before we’ve begun?

Perhaps?  I don’t know?

I guess if we say to ourselves, this year: “I must do, or not do x” “I ought to, or not do x” “I should, or shouldn’t do x” “I really need to start, or stop x” We are stressing out with high expectations.

Must, Ought, Should, Need, are just words which make us feel pressured and anxious. Resolutions are best when they are do-able, surely? Something simple and positive to focus on, since we’ve just been subjected to the pressure cooker environs of the “previous festive season”. One easy to do thing, or focus, which will make us feel better, stop the glum, arrest the blue is key. Replace the above with “I’m going to do x”, I will do x” and I’m pretty sure you’ll feel happy to go ahead and actually achieve a simple New Years Resolution – just one – stress and expectation free!

So forget all that learning to ride the unicycle whilst playing the banjo and juggling live salmon, reciting popular phrases from The Philosopher’s Stone – in French stuff!

I would choose from this list as a start: Read more, listen to more music, go for more walks, laugh more, love more, care more, have tolerance, try new foods, drop prejudices, live and let live!

Oh, and for me, create a blog…



2 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Reblogged this on mikeytbull and commented:

    Hi! Well, I guess this is where I came in! I started my blog experiment exactly 1 year ago and this was my first…

    So, I thought I would re-post this as a kind of 1st blogbirthday re-visit.

    I seem to have tailed off on my blog towards the close of 2015, in favour of doing more music but who knows? I might try to post some new stuff soon. M.


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